China Reserve Securities (CRS)is committed to provide high-quality and comprehensive services to help investors achieve sustainable and stable financial returns.

With the expertise of Quantitative Research and Analysis, we identify investment opportunities in financial markets that are statistically proven to be profitable under adjusted risk level for our hedge funds under management.

We believe in entrepreneurship and are convinced that the successful businesses will grow from the ground and aim for the sky. Hence, we established Private Equity Investment in our self-managed hedge funds to discover the unicorns in different sectors and invest in early stage of their rapid expansion. The industries we focus range from new generation of information technology, health care, consumer retails, green energy, media and to finance and other sectors.

Customized Discretionary Account Management is a form of tailor-made portfolio for our clients with different risks appetites and expectations, through segregated accounts with investment strategies and product solutions we offered to our clients upon the understanding of their preferences.

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