China Reserve Securities Limited (CRS) is a financial platform focuses on providing superior Asset Management and Wealth Management services to our clients. Our company is headquartered in Hong Kong and with satellite offices set up in Beijing and Shanghai. Our clients and investors are located across the globe, and range from high net-worth individuals, private enterprises to reputable public companies with solid credentials. Capitalizing on the firm’s financial expertise and connections, CRS consistently fuels the growth of original ideas, provides superior financial returns and bridges useful resources.

We are licensed and regulated by the Securities and Futures Commissions of Hong Kong to conduct Wealth Management, Advisory and Asset Management businesses. We manage hedge fund portfolios, focusing on Quantitative-Style investment, Private Equity investment and also Discretionary Account, that are tailor-made for each of our prestige clients. To provide a board range of financial services to our clients, our sibling company, which has TCSP license and regulated by the Company Registry of Hong Kong, provides professional trustee services and alternative wealth management solutions to our family office clients.

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