China Reserve Securities Limited (CRS) is a comprehensive financial platform providing general and customized solutions to meet clients’ demands all around the world. CRS is headquartered in Hong Kong, and has offices in Beijing and Chongqing. We conduct brokerage, advisory and asset management businesses that are licensed and regulated by the Securities and Futures Commissions of Hong Kong. The core and essence of our advantage lies in the credibility to gain trust from clients, and the financial acumen of our professionally trained and educated portfolio managers to grasp crucial opportunities to create and maximize interests for clients and investors.

Capitalizing on the firm’s financial expertise and connections, CRS consistently fuels the growth of original ideas, provides superior financial returns and bridge useful resources. As a hub, CRS has the distinct ability to pinpoint the intrinsic values embedded in different types of clients and is able to integrate the demands to enhance all parties’ financial prowess, broaden sales channels, promote public images, and strengthen corporate earnings and investors’ wealth. CRS has adopted a research intensive, long-term focused investment approach. We employ our in-house quantitative analysis algorithm and use bottom-up fundamental analysis to select investments throughout the spectrum of industries and regions. Our clients and investors are primarily based in China and Hong Kong, and range from high net-worth individuals, private enterprises to reputable public companies with solid credentials.

To further support business growth in a sustainable manner, the company sets corporate governance framework and risk management policies against the backdrop of a set of prudent rules and conditions, propelling us to strictly abide by regulations. This allows us to respond quickly to client needs, avoid the limitations of bureaucracy, offer clear incentives among our employees, while ensuring that risks are reviewed and managed comprehensively and with clear accountability.

CRS management team constantly strives to adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity while keeping the company at the forefront of global financial arena. Our executives possess in-depth financial knowledge with extensive deal experiences and outstanding management methodology, and pursue the goal to change the zero-sum game to a win-win and better world.

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